About Us

House Clearance North East is on a mission to provide the most ethical and environmentally conscious office and house clearance services in The North East and across the UK. Our commitment lies in the principles of reusing, which we believe to be a more responsible choice for the environment compared to recycling, which comes with a higher environmental cost.

The Advantages of Reuse:

Prevents items from entering the waste stream.
Conserves the energy used in manufacturing these products.
Offers quality goods at affordable prices.
Reduces the demand for raw materials.
Minimise pollution.

We understand that many people seek a clearance service that actively works to reduce wasteful practices. This drove us to create a company that aligns with these values. House Clearance North East is a fully licensed waste carrier approved by the Environment Agency, ensuring that we operate within the highest environmental standards.

Our Dedication:
Our commitment extends to ensuring that every reusable item gets a second chance. Additionally, we strive to recycle as much of the remaining waste as possible. While many of our competitors make similar claims, putting these principles into practice is a real challenge.

Much of the effort involved in reusing a wide range of furniture and other items is not always financially rewarding. Valuables are easy to resell, but the majority of the items we clear have minimal market value. For such items, we often give them away, and sometimes the payment we receive only covers the costs associated with their sale, including labor, delivery, and storage.

Creating and maintaining a network of second-hand dealers, vendors, online sellers, and charitable organisations for these less valuable items (such as records, books, furniture, appliances, computers, clothing, ornaments, etc.) demands time, expertise, and unwavering dedication.

We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to this process, thanks to the dedication of our associates, friends, and, above all, our employees who help us achieve our goals. We are always open to discussing how the contents of any house clearance or office clearance will be handled. Feel free to call our office in The North East at ZZZZZ between 8 am and 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.