WEEE Recycling

Office Clearance Experts in the North East

We excel at clearing offices of all contents, ensuring they are left completely empty and impeccably tidy.

IT & WEEE Clearance

Our dependable team is well-versed in clearing all office materials, spanning from furniture to IT equipment and WEEE, from any location within the property. Whether you require clearance, removal, secure disposal of confidential data, or hazardous waste removal, we can adeptly handle it all on the same day.

Why Choose Us?

  • Offset the costs with the resale value of assets
  • Easy arrangement with helpful complementary services
  • Full compliance with all UK & EU Waste legislation
  • We are the only dedicated clearance specialist that is a BAR Affiliate

What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment. It can be classified as either household or non-household WEEE, and it contains potentially harmful substances that pose environmental and health risks.

WEEE Collection and Recycling Specialists

We attain impressively high rates of reuse. Anything that cannot be reused is recycled and processed in an environmentally sustainable manner. Furthermore, we provide you with an Environmental Report, detailing the CO2 emissions saved through reuse.

Fulfil Your Duty of Care

When disposing of electrical items, you bear a Duty of Care to ensure proper disposal while adhering to the Waste Hierarchy. We handle all of these responsibilities for you, providing a complete and transparent audit trail.

More Than Just IT and WEEE Clearance

We consider the resale value of the items we clear, resulting in cost savings for you. If you require additional services, such as delivering items to other locations, clearing furniture, or thoroughly cleaning the office, we can seamlessly accommodate those needs.

Comprehensive Range of Services

  • Furniture clearance, reuse, and recycling
  • Waste electrical and IT clearance, reuse, and recycling
  • Removals, deliveries, and storage
  • Asset purchase, including furniture, IT, and catering equipment
  • Certified data destruction – Paper and hard drive shredding and data wiping
  • Cleaning – from a simple sweep-through to a deep clean.